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One-stop screen management - Whether you have a single screen in, say, a showroom, or a thousand screens nationwide, they can all be managed from a single powerful Web interface. Screens with a similar purpose can be grouped into convenient units, and playlists consisting of selections of your media assets can be assigned for display on single screens or groups of screens. Further, the status of every screen is monitored throughout the day enabling us to identify any screens in need of servicing in a timely manner through a Web interface view.
Cloud based media asset management - Media content (your assets) is stored in reliable long term Cloud based storage. The system automatically deals with technical complexities such as transcoding assets for the highest playback fidelity on each screen. Assets are distributed to, and cached on, local nodes (the Raspberry Pi players) so that your presentations keep running even if Internet connection is temporarily lost.
Advanced playlist scheduling - Ordered selections of your media assets can be placed into playlists and scheduled to start and end on dates and times of your choosing. Automatic Updates - Software maintenance and update is performed for each node (or player) automatically, ensuring optimal uptime for your digital signage displays.
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