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Supporting Services

Hardware provision - You can utilise your own TV sets and LCD or LED monitors for your digital signage presentations, but where such equipment is not available it can be provided by PIPTV. Likewise, should you require networking equipment with which to gain access to the Internet, we can advise on, and provide the equipment that would best suit your needs.
Third party broadband access - Where the required access to the Internet is not available, third party broadband access to the Internet can be arranged by PIPTV.
Content creation - Whether you have your own media files - videos, images etc. - that you wish to use as digital signage assets, or you need to have such content modified or created from scratch, PIPTV can provide the services required to ensure that you have compelling multimedia presentations to display, in collaboration where required with our motion graphics and video creation partners.
Installation, maintenance and support - PIPTV provides installation, maintenance and support services for its digital signage solutions according to individual requirements, including: Pre-installation site surveys Network design and installation as appropriate Installation and set up of players Installation of display equipment Setup and maintenance of digital signage elements - i.e., screens, screen groups, media assets and playlists Proactive support enabled through round-the-clock monitoring of screen status Provision of a fault reporting line Resolution of observed and reported faults
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Supporting services